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Criminal Law

criminal-law-psychiatric-reportIn criminal proceedings our reports have been commissioned by the defence, the prosecution, and by the court itself. We have completed reports for defendants, complainants, and for convicted prisoners in relation to parole or release on license.

Pre-trial and preliminary issues may include bail, fitness to be interviewed, fitness to plead and stand trial, and vulnerability of defendants.

Trial issues may include issues of diminished responsibility, insanity, automatism, loss of control, duress and coercion.

Optimum MedicoLegal’s team of Experts prepare several hundred reports a year, specialising in Criminal cases. All our Experts have extensive Court experience and the requisite training for Court appearances.

Optimum MedicoLegal Provides Psychiatric Reports for the following:

  • Pre-sentencing reports

  • Personality disorders / Psychoses

  • Criminal Responsibility and Fitness to Plead

  • Risk assessments

  • Suggestibility and false confessions

  • Sexual / Violent crime

  • Pre-sentencing and Probation reports